The Reserve Residence lakefront vacation home in South Carolina

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The Reserve Residence was designed as an elegant country vacation home for a family of five by Summerour & Associates, with a gorgeous lakefront location in Sunset, South Carolina. The goal for the design of this home was to create a palette of texture and color that would embrace the outdoors. Designer Yvonne McFadden streamlined the interior finishes and products to create a calm and peaceful vacation home for this busy family. The designer ensured that all finishes and materials selected for the interiors would not compete with the views, rather enhance them.

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Open shelving in the kitchen helps maintain the simple, airy feel. McFadden used used flat-finish paint and a matte finish on cabinetry to create a softer contrast with the rough-sawn wood and other natural textures.

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An open floor plan gives this home a more contemporary feel and makes family socializing and occasional entertaining easy and natural. The kitchen is in the same great room as the dining room and the living room, making it the perfect place for a party.

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This home is part of a community in Sunset that overlooks Lake Keowee, visible out the windows in the main great room. McFadden refrained from detailed window treatments so the home would embrace the lake views as much as possible.

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To keep the architecture looking as clean and simple as the interior design, McFadden stuck with 1-inch trim throughout the home. A dull-rub polyurethane was used on the floors, giving the wood the durability of a polyurethane finish with the appearance of a waxed floor.

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McFadden used a mix of natural linens, cottons, and wools to keep the house in line with the beautiful outdoor setting.

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A small sitting area with an armchair and chaise was tucked into the corner of the master bedroom — a perfect place to sit and read or enjoy a cup of tea at the end of the day.

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In another guest bedroom, a utilitarian-styled wood and steel desk adds a simple, rustic element to the space. The artwork framed above the desk is a mix of antique French stencils and antique Arabian rug patterns.

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Color pops out here and there, but overall the palette was purposely muted to draw attention to the exterior surroundings. “My work is very subtle. I’m not a bright, flamboyant designer in any way,” says McFadden. “I like the lines and textures to speak louder than the palette. There’s a softness to my work, and I think this home is a great reflection of that.”

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This home was meant to be a vacation home not just for the family, but for friends to come and enjoy too! The clients wanted to make sure that there would be plenty of places for guests to sleep, so McFadden squeezed two rustic twin bed frames into a spare bedroom.

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The elegant bathtub in the master bathroom is the ultimate symbol of this home’s peaceful, comfortable aesthetic. White limestone tile lines the floor, and a custom dark mahogany vanity adds a subtle richness to the room.

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The soothing color palette and simple interior product lines continue in the home’s master bedroom. The large upholstered headboard was custom made of linen and lined with bronze nailheads. Linen and cotton bedding completes the look.

The Reserve Residence-Summerour Associates-23-1 Kindesign

Photos: Courtesy of Yvonne McFadden

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