Modern and light infused renovation of House L in Tel Aviv

House L-Amitzi Architects-01-1 Kindesign

House L is a renovation project of a semi-detached house built in the 1970’s by Amitzi Architects, for a family with 3 children, located in Tel Aviv, Israel. Despite a cramped and dark interior caused by low ceilings and a split-level section, it turned out that demolition was out of the question, due to budget and schedule. It was decided, therefore, to renovate within the existing envelope, tear open large apertures and dismantle interior partitions, thus creating a spacious and well-lit space.

House L-Amitzi Architects-02-1 Kindesign

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The kitchen was reorganized to place the dining-area in front of a glass sliding door leading to an outside deck. An axis crosses the entire length of the house – starting from the front deck, through the dining area, entrance hall, living room and up to the back garden – allowing longitudinal views and a natural cross-ventilation.

House L-Amitzi Architects-04-1 Kindesign

House L-Amitzi Architects-06-1 Kindesign

The entrance hall is lit by glass portholes set within the door. The living room was equipped with a fireplace, a library and a home-cinema system.

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House L-Amitzi Architects-08-1 Kindesign

House L-Amitzi Architects-09-1 Kindesign

House L-Amitzi Architects-05-1 Kindesign

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The bedrooms’ hall on the first floor is a windowless interior space. Natural light penetrates via a skylight, enabling the use of this space as a study.

House L-Amitzi Architects-11-1 Kindesign

Photos: Amitzi Architects

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