Mid-century ranch house in Montecito with indoor outdoor living

Anthony Residence-DesignARC-01-1 Kindesign

Anthony Residence is a stunning mid-century 1960’s single story ranch house that has been re-imagined by DesignARC, located in Montecito, California. Inspired by the architect’s Greenworth House, the owners desired a fresh take on their out-dated, well-worn Montecito residence. Hailing from Toronto Canada, the couple is at ease in urban, loft-like spaces; and, looked to create a pared-down dwelling that could become their home.

Anthony Residence-DesignARC-02-1 Kindesign

As a remodel, the objective was to re-configure the extant floor plan completely beneath the existing roof. Re-establishing organization to the interior layout, the strategy connected all spaces to the outdoors–large pocketing sliding glass doors on either side of the Family Room, create an open-air breezeway out of what was once a dark and secluded room. Continuous ridge skylights bring natural illumination into the center of the house, and work to further erase the boundary between inside and out.

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The minimalist palette consists of essentially three materials: smooth-trowelled plaster, cementitious panel, and fumed-oak floors. With a color scheme of “one white” paint, the space is a polite backdrop to the vibrant relationship the family enjoys with the outdoors, and the mild Santa Barbara climate.

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Photos: Jim Bartsch Photography


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I would love to see the floorplan of this house.