Victorian residence with an industrial aesthetic in Melbourne

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The renovation of this Brunswick Street House by Carr Architecture effortlessly combines a refined industrial aesthetic with traditional Victorian architecture, locate in Fitzroy is a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. In many ways, the story behind this inner-city renovation is a common one: a young family had spent the past five years living in a dark two-storey terrace and wanted to make it lighter and more accommodating for their two young children.

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Although inner-urban projects of this type usually stick to a formula, Carr’s approach is far from generic. While the floorplan of the house is what one might expect, the subtle detailing and robust forms reveal a deep consideration and design intellect.

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Fitzroy Residence-Carr Architecture-04-1 Kindesign

Behind an idyllic heritage-listed facade is a spatial arrangement typical of the period: a formal living room and study are arranged off a hallway at the front, before opening up to an open plan kitchen, dining and living area typical of contemporary terrace refurbishments.

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The treatment of an existing light well ensures an engaging connection between the old and new sections of the house. From the study it also offers views through to the rear garden and living spaces.

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The semi-industrial detailing of the immediate vicinity is referenced in the steel framed windows and projecting steel canopies. The architectural expression of projecting steel portals serve to limit the penetration of the western sun.

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The palette is intentionally achromic with natural timber, calacutta marble to ebonized veneer providing a backdrop to the owner’s contemporary art collection.

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Framed and borrowed views, guided by a refined industrial aesthetic are rooted in the Fitzroy context whist being true to Carr Design principles.

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Photos: Michael Gazzola

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