1950s Ranch house remodel in Portland by Jessica Helgerson

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This stunning 1950s ranch house remodel project has been designed by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, situated in the southwest Portland hills, Oregon. Nestled at the top of steep site, the entryway to the home is located on the upper level, while the lower level opens out to a lovely south-facing garden. The first phase of the renovation encompassed a new interior layout of the entire home, but when it came time to do the remodel, only the upper level was completed. The lower level, which will include a new master suite, was left with plans to renovate in a few years time… and we are sure it will be just as beautiful as the upper level! For the upper level renovation, a kitchen, living and dining room and a hallway all received a brand new look.

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The design team was worried about how to deal with retrofitting a back hall, which felt like a dark, narrow tunnel. In the end they decided to embrace it and instead gave it a fresh coat of paint, which is in a nice shade of charcoal gray. To give it an extra aesthetic kick, the walls were embellished with an abstract of modern flowers in varying hues of black and gray. A large mirror was mounted to the wall and a mirrored cabinet at the end of the hallway were added to give sparkle and light.

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For the kitchen and dining room, dark wood panelling was removed and windows were updated to take advantage of the natural light and views of the garden. French doors were added to connect the space to the outdoors and a wall was taken down between the kitchen and dining area to make the space feel more bright and airy. The kitchen was completely re-designed and is now more functional with increased storage in the custom cabinetry of white lacquer and bamboo.

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The brand new kitchen features an expansive island and a very inviting built-in breakfast nook which features a custom designed table. In the living room, a coloring painting was designed by Portland artist Kelly Neidig. The dining room furnishings were an heirloom passed through the family that the homeowners wished to keep, so the designers gave new life to the pieces by re-finishing the wood with lacquer in a subtle bluish-green hue and re-upholstering the seats in a cheery red hue.

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Photos: Lincoln Barbour



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