65 Wonderfully cozy reading nooks for book lovers

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Designing a reading nook in your home can be the perfect way to transform an awkward or unused space into a wonderfully cozy reading nook to curl up in. Every home should be enriched by a bookcase and if you have a passion for books, then creating the perfect reading nook to compliment would be a great escape to relax and unwind. If you are seeking some inspiration we have found some inviting reading nooks in varying styles. Some of them are built underneath a staircase or on a stair landing, in a closet, built into a wall space or next to a window. Some feature stylish and cozy armchairs to curl up in, or even small nooks with curtains that dedicate a secluded space for reading. We even have examples of reading corners which were improvised on the windowsill. If you need further inspiration, be sure to have a look at our past article, Incredibly cozy and inspiring window seat ideas. Enjoy the photos and be sure to leave a comment as to which one is your favorite!

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In the evening, your reading nook needs to have warm and inviting light, as well as the option for a brighter light source. Floor lamps, wall sconces and table lamps are ideal next to your reading nook seating.

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Curtains add privacy to your reading nook. Don’t forget to add some decorative touches that will make the space special to you. Add photographs, flowers and a side table for resting items beside your seating area. Lot’s of throw pillows makes your space cozy, don’t forget a throw in case you get chilly on a cool winter’s day or night!

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The unused space beneath the stairs is the ideal spot to create a cozy reading area.

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Even if you don’t have a designated reading nook, you can create one by adding a chair, side table, and an ottoman to any corner in your house. Just accessorize with art, a floor lamp, and a throw.

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An awkward corner space on the porch has been turned into a comfortable spot to read a book by installing a built-in daybed. You can find their tutorial here.

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You could not ask for a more perfect spot to read a book than one with an amazing view!

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In this room, a recessed area covered in beadboard and an eclectic mix of pillows makes a cozy spot for reading.

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A small closet has been transformed into a fabulous reading spot complete with bookshelves, storage and lighting.

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The quieter your reading area can be, the likelier you are to want to use it on an ongoing basis.  If you have space to have multiple reading nooks, in your bedroom, living area and off of the den your family members won’t all have to fight over yours!

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