Nob Hill Penthouse showcases sophisticated interiors

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Nob Hill Penthouse is a stunning modern project designed by Kim Hagstette with Maven Interiors in Portland, Oregon. The home was featured on the cover of Luxe Magazine Summer 2013 NW edition. The penthouse is comprised of 4,000 square foot of living space, designed for empty-nesters. This was a major renovation that took the better part of a year to complete. All the artwork and furnishings are new as well. The penthouse living room is sophisticated and inviting. The artwork was created specifically for the space and commissioned through Heidi McBride Gallery.

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Art: Heidi McBride Gallery and Art Consultancy. This living room image shows how the right art combination and lighting can truly transform an interior.

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This penthouse kitchen was completely gutted and remodeled. The view from the floor to ceiling windows would inspire anyone to spend a lot of time cooking in this kitchen.

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This light filled living room is all about texture and shimmer. The artwork throughout was largely commissioned and sourced through Heidi McBride Gallery. The dining room table was a custom design by Made Inc.

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The dining room table was custom designed by Bo Hagood with Made Inc. The artwork was a commissioned piece by an artist in Palm Springs named Downs. The art for this project was selected as a collaborative process with Heidi McBride.

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This awkward room posed an interesting design challenge. This narrow space adjacent to the kitchen now serves as entertaining lounge space and boasts the most magnificent views in the home. The light fixtures were custom designed by Maven Interiors, and Made Inc. The glass shades were hand blown and silvered by Esque Studio. The tables and channel tufted faux fur wall was also a joint collaboration between Maven Interiors and Made Inc. The sapele mahogany wall connects to the kitchen and unifies the entire space. The television bracket is motorized and operated by a remote that allows the TV to telescope out and angle so it can be viewed from either the lounge seating or kitchen table area.

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Detail view of the narrow lounge space. The light fixture, table and channel tufted faux fur wall were a joint collaboration between Maven Interiors and Made Inc.


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This media room was designed with all the bells and whistles (hidden). The dark walls, ceiling and motorized blackout draperies help set the tone. The television wall was custom designed to conceal all the speakers, subwoofer and AV equipment behind twisted felt panels. All the high definition sound comes through without any distraction from visual clutter. The wall was custom design by Maven Interiors and the custom felt textile is by Moufelt.

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This bed was custom designed for this project. It was a collaboration between Maven Interiors. Made Inc., and Moufelt. The custom felt headboard screen not only provides unique beauty, but it serves to provide extra privacy from the wall of windows in this intimate space.

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The fireplace wall in the master bedroom exemplifies the thoughtful use of surface materials. From the hand patina on the cold rolled steel fireplace to the silk wallcovering, shiny mirrored bureau and highly textured wool area rug– the contrasting materials create an exquisite and unexpected combination.

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Every home needs a surprise room. This powder room became the perfect small space to make a big impact.

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Nighttime view of the living room. We love the way lighting transforms this entire home. The shadow play and shimmery effect that happens at night is an almost magical transformation.

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Photos: Lincoln Barbour Photo



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