Seductive Clifton Beach House by Antoni Associates

Clifton Beach-Antoni Associates-01-1 Kindesign

Clifton Beach House is an incredible beach front property designed by ANTONI Associates that combines elegance, luxury and sophistication along one of the most pristine white beaches in Cape Town, South Africa.  The client project brief was to renovate a ground floor double level apartment in a newly constructed luxury complex. The design of the original unit felt constricted and the Client wanted to add a fourth master bedroom suite. It was decided to reduce the size of the double volume and to increase the footprint of the apartment. Added to the brief was a wine cellar, a new study and a gym with sauna. The apartment was completely gutted and had to be re-configured throughout.

The design of the apartment complex resulted in a triangular shaped terrace wedged between the two sides of the building. The designers introduced a timber pergola that provides a shaded area as well as privacy from overlooking apartments. South African lifestyle allows for many months of outdoor living and the extensive terrace allows for areas for outdoor dining and lounging. A narrow lap pool extends the entire 20 meters width of the terrace. A sensual curve staircase leads to the first floor. Here, the designers created a sumptuous master en-suite bedroom. The master bathroom is luxuriously finished in white veined marble, chromed tap ware and stainless steel detailed vanities.

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The apartment is entered on the lower ground floor where a formal entrance lobby was created by screening off the open plan kitchen. Here the designers introduced a screen wall with an enlarged portal window to create a view into the apartment. Despite reducing the size of the existing double volume some of this was retained in the entrance hall which is enclosed by frameless glass. A new sleek white contemporary kitchen was integrated and flows into the formal dining and lounge area. An elegant fireplace was placed in the formal living area and overall, there is a simplicity and purity of form with a basic palette of black and white. An eclectic mix of bespoke furniture and the placement of the Clients’ collection of South African art and sculpture gives the interior a curated experience.

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The apartment is unique in its detail and quality of finish, the spaces are restful and sophisticated and reflect a living environment that is seductive and inspired by living.

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Photos: Courtesy of ANTONI Associates

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