Gorgeous Mallorcan retreat connected with nature

House in Mallorca-01-1 Kindesign

Spotted on Nuevo Estilo, this stunning dwelling situated on the interior of Mallorca island, Spain, but close to the sea, is full of children during the summer. It is an elongated, bright and comfortable pavilion that shares land with another family home, previously raised on the farm. Amid the Mediterranean mountains, building becomes part of the landscape with spaces where the inside-outside boundary is blurred. The home consists of an entrance, living room, everything together in a large area, and a long corridor along which are arranged bedrooms and bathrooms. The kitchen is in a separate module.

The porch is extended by a long terrace with a swimming pool. Jorge Gamir Fonseca and Emilio Casares Gamir, of the studio Tasvalor Arquitectura, were in charge of the project. The concept behind the entire layout of the house is intentional play of shadows under the volumes, “which casts light flared white concrete cover which covers the whole house and blankets it with light,” explains Jorge Gámir. Some strategically open holes allow the passage of light, which filters, blurs, floods or model surfaces, subtly separated by glass walls and in which continuous woven paneling in natural and warm colors have been used to accompany this pleasant and light flow.

House in Mallorca-02-1 Kindesign

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