Rustic eclectic farmhouse in the Sonoran Desert

Silverleaf Residence-01-1 Kindesign

Set in the Sonoran Desert, Silverleaf Residence was designed by OZ Architects for a young active family in the upscale Silverleaf community of Scottsdale, Arizona. The design of this home encourages family connections while providing private spaces for each family member. Based upon simple rural Mediterranean farmhouse architecture, the various pieces of the home surround a central courtyard, creating a private compound with an authentic scale. Indoor outdoor connections are emphasized, with numerous exterior covered living spaces and fireplaces. The interiors were designed by David Michael Miller Associates, using antique building materials set against modern and contemporary interior features, working together to create a relaxed and sophisticate home. The material language of the home is decidedly livable and relaxed.

Silverleaf Residence-02-1 Kindesign

The contrasts of materiality and the reinterpretations of traditional millwork and furnishings styles are used in a deliberate way, to affect an interior that is new and old simultaneously. Materials were chosen that have a patina and can age well, while the spaces are purposefully intimate, comfortable and human scaled. The plan avoids large connected rooms, instead incorporating rooms for a specific purpose such as the kitchen which features a cooking fireplace and farm table at the center. A private enclosed swimming grotto can be accessed from both the pool and the master shower.

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Photos: Werner Segarra



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