Minimalistic Animal Magetism: Luxury highrise in Miami

Minimalistic Animal Magetism-01-1 Kindesign

Entitled “Minimalistic Animal Magetism”, this deliciously designed apartment is situated in Miami, Florida, designed by local design firm Nieto Design Group. This luxury highrise pad has been designed with predominantly black and white interiors, offers stunning views out to the ocean. The mood is set for the entire scene as soon as you step off the elevator and see the dramatic Reflective Eye artwork that is flanked by a custom designed zebra glass wall, highly polished glass slab floors and an 8 foot wide high gloss lacquer pivot front door. Glossy and reflective finishes is mixed with textural materials to create a unique urban pad.

Minimalistic Animal Magetism-02-1 Kindesign

Once passing the camera and voice controlled security system, the 8′ high gloss black lacquer pivot door opens to reveal a dramatic entry hall where Belgian lighting housed in profiles reflect off the polished black glass slab floor to accentuate a portrait of Michael Jackson Invicible by Leonardo Hidalgo.

Minimalistic Animal Magetism-03-1 Kindesign

The kitchen appliances are concealed by custom designed glass panels as the kitchen is part of an open floorplan (the edge of the desk of the home office is visible in the foreground). The bar & kitchen peninsula anchor the kitchen.

Minimalistic Animal Magetism-04-1 Kindesign

The wave shaped sofa was custom designed to take in the expansive ocean view as well as to curl up and watch the 105″ plasma TV. The custom desk designed to comfortably seat two conforms to the fluid shape of the curved sofa. The organically shaped rug made of crocodile-embossed leather and hair-on-hide looks striking against the gleaming glass slab flooring.

Minimalistic Animal Magetism-05-1 Kindesign

The home office seamlessly merges with the living room as the custom leather-top desk-for-two hugs the curve of the back of the sofa, with its wave form and the wavy paneled wall giving homage to the waves crashing on the shoreline thirty stories below. The structural column becomes a focal point when clad in custom painted zebra glass panels with a linear light source embedded within.

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Photos: Ken Hayden

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