Hilltop residence in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Leicester House-01-1 Kind Design

This hilltop residence called ‘Leicester House’ is located at the edge of a wooded knoll in the rolling foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, with expansive southern and western views. Approaching through dense woods, one arrives at a striking single story facade of corten steel in a wood frame, designed by studio SPG Architects. A hint of the views is provided through the glass door, but it is not until entry that the full impact of the hilltop views can be experienced. The rear glass walls, facing West and South, open to rolling farmland below and the mountains beyond.

The entry level serves as the primary living area, with a guest wing carved into the hilltop on a level below. Functionality and energy efficiency are achieved both by this programmatic zoning as well as the careful choice of materials, fixtures, fittings, and energy. The ‘greening’ of the house complements its visual warmth, grounding the modern structure’s rural landscape.

Leicester House-02-1 Kind Design

Leicester House-03-1 Kind Design

Leicester House-04-1 Kind Design

Leicester House-05-1 Kind Design

Leicester House-06-1 Kind Design

Leicester House-07-1 Kind Design


Leicester House-08-1 Kind Design

Leicester House-09-1 Kind Design

Leicester House-10-1 Kind Design

Leicester House-11-1 Kind Design

Leicester House-12-1 Kind Design

Leicester House-13-1 Kind Design

Leicester House-14-1 Kind Design

Leicester House-15-1 Kind Design

Photos: Daniel Levin


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