House of seventeen balconies infused with eclectic charm

The house of seventeen balconies is a transformation of a property that was in dark and labyrinthine origins in the heart of Madrid, Spain. Studio Arroyo Architects undertook this project to reform in into a radical conversion of space into a typical nineteenth-century distribution, with a clear differentiation between service and noble areas. These latter areas were grouped around a central patio with an infinity of small dwellings and endless corridors that filled this part of darkness and mazes. The reform put an end to excessive compartmentalization to create continuity around the courtyard a circulation and vision to achieve spacious surfaces that are flooded with natural light.

Instead of passing through various corridors, the entire house became interconnected through large spaces. The original architectural elements that characterized public areas were respected, such as moldings, woodwork, cast iron radiators and pine flooring. Efforts were made to minimize the materials used in the reform. In areas where wood was no used, cement was put in its place, which also covered sinks and showers. As for walls and ceilings, they were painted white to create the perfect canvas to highlight the extraordinary works of art and furniture. Style combines antique pieces mixed with contemporary, responding to the character of the owners, who are lovers of art, reading and collecting of object acquired on different trips.

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