Modern-vintage home in Spain with a romantic air

In this newly built house, spotted on Mi Casa, situated in a town near Madrid, Spain the project of interior design was carried out with loving care by designer Rocío Olmo. The guideline of the designer’s aesthetic was to create a home with a serene decor, full of style and personality. Furnishings of current lines were alternated with exclusive pieces and design models.
Daring color combinations were chosen to add personality to the interiors. In the main living areas, an intense shade of blue captures all attention and brings serenity and elegance in equal measure. The designer combined with success a background in white with exclusive golden notes and selected accessories in leather and wood, adding warmth to the space with texture and tonality.

The living room, a very luminous space, was divided into two seating areas that coexist in harmony, despite different aesthetics, one with contemporary details, collected and classical, next to the fireplace. The flexibility in the distribution was achieved through the use of auxiliary parts. Rocío Olmo has managed to unify rooms with a mixture of styles on the first floor through the use of color. In addition, various lines enrich the decoration, combining straight strokes with others that are more sinuous and rounded, present in the floral prints chosen for textiles and furniture design. Striped wallpaper is prolonged on the walls of the staircase on the first floor, melding to a more delicate motif distributed through the bedrooms.

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