Rustic farmhouse transformed in England

Starfall Farm is a rustic farmhouse that has been transformed by architecture firm Invisible Studio in the city of Bath in England. The original farmhouse was very pretty but had been extended in an unsightly manor that had to be demolished. Materials from the demolition of the barns were preserved and the timber cladding was designed to conceal the proportions of the existing extension, while areas were pulled apart to reveal key views into the landscape. Starfall has a very simple asymmetric section that allows the morning light to penetrate deep into the building and flood it with light.

According to the architects, “the intention was to do a building that performs really well, so it is economical in how and where openings are placed. For example, there’s complete transparency where you cook, with sliding glass screens that disappear into the walls allowing a sense of the valley side to run through the site and allow you to feel as if you are cooking outside (as at moonshine) but then other openings are more selective: a corner window above an insitu concrete bench for reading Sunday papers, a slot window above the bath to allow glimpses of a wild flower bank, roof lights on the east side to allow morning light into the heart of the building as early as possible (hence asymmetric pitch) with the profile of the new extension designed to allow maximum light to penetrate into a contained herb courtyard etc… The thermal mass is ruthlessly exposed internally: concrete floor, bare plastered concrete block walls, concrete kitchen and other built in benches and super insulated around this…”

Photos: Courtesy of Invisible Studio

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