Sculptural home with clean lines in Madrid

This detached house in Madrid, Spain is defined as “a sculptural set of clean lines and perfect volumes”, designed by studio A-Cero with the architect Joaquín Torres to head. Seen from the outside, a concrete facade defines the building as a series of simple geometric shapes. The slope of the plot has served to design a building spread out onto two floors: the basement, which has a spa, wine cellar and service area, and a main floor where the life of the house is centered around and where the entrance is accessed from. The home is divided into the public spaces, the living room, dining room, kitchen and office areas, and the more private bedroom areas and a series of outdoor areas and porches that open to the pool.

In the interior spaces, every wall and every detail reflect the care and studied work behind the joint inspiration of A-Cero and interior design studio Cosmic Group, represented by Belen Domecq team. The materials were selected for their high quality and simplicity, as well as for their elegance and sobriety. The flooring is decorated with oak wood by Detarima, including the kitchen and bathroom. With its dark tone, in contrast to the whiteness of the walls marks a chromatic duality that will become a constant in all the living spaces.

Gray, wenge and chocolate stand out against the white and adds warmth and comfort to the spaces, enhanced by furnishings designed and made mostly for any occasion. Furniture and details continue to be governed by the same tones and equal desire for simplicity and functionality, which contributes to focus attention on one of the large construction claims: the outside. The highlights are a succession of porches and a spectacular pergola under which a chill out zone overlooking the pool has been installed. The large windows also pay homage to the outdoor spaces and allow an almost constant contemplation of the garden.

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