Bold and colorful urban cabin in Sao Paulo

Urban Cabin was built as an unconventional project designed by architect Fabio Galeazzo in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He transformed an old abandoned property into a contemporary shack with a playful and warm atmosphere that brings back the idea of one space living, matching technology and design, proposing a new young way of living. Here is a description of the project from the architects, “in an old abandoned house were used retrofit construction techniques. The existing structure couldn’t handle the heavy load and was complemented by a sustainable framework of giant bamboo beams and columns treated in autoclaves, the roof received green thermal tiles.

On the floor it was used certificated management timber and some exotic brown granite as well as some walls and ceiling. In order to counter the whole structure and highlight the house amid the dense vegetation the interior and exterior walls were treated as a state of art and received several irregular shapes in different colors inspired in the universe of the modernist painter Tarsila do Amaral.

Outside, a stretch nautical fabric shades the area of the car and a great counter with tiles of different patterns glad the barbecue area which has communication with the swivel kitchen, allowing several combinations between internal and external area.

Inside, with the aim of enhance the view and increase communication between internal and external area a large shelf built in a circular shape frames the landscape. In the decoration design furniture as the giant bed-shaped nest, the “Chifruda” chair from the designer Sergio Rodrigues, the dinner table,”2 in 1 from the designers Campana brothers and Scandinavian furniture fit perfect on the rustic structure.” Via

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