Bold and colorful industrial loft by Envi Design

Interior designer Susie Hoffmann, owner of Bozeman-based Envi Design, converted a 1930s flour mill near downtown Bozeman, Montana into a spectacular loft that she calls home. The area surrounding the industrial building has a Brooklyn feel and just like the residences in Brooklyn, the home’s footprint is small. The former office space, which occupies the building’s top floor, is only 1,000 square feet. The open plan home incorporates a kitchen, dining and living room, office, guest nook and ample storage to keep the clutter at bay. The designer wanted to preserve the industrial feel, with plans to possibly turn the home into her design office someday.

With concrete walls throughout, the designer add mostly topical treatments such as paint, flooring, finishes and furnishings. Since the space was not so big, she had to plan how to maximize the floor plan and the storage without adding additional walls or partitions. The design solution was a mix of concealed and open storage options. Solutions included using open shelving to display dishes in the kitchen, birch walls were erected in the bedroom to create closets and a lofted guest nook in one corner offers ample hidden storage space beneath. The home’s color palette was inspired by the loft’s views of mountains and Montana’s big blue sky. When it came to furnishings, the designer selected pieces of similar scale to ease the transitions between the different spaces.

Visit the website of Envi Design here.

Photos: Audrey Hall

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