Bright and airy apartment in Vasastaden

We discovered this turn of the century apartment on Alvhem Makleri, located in Vasastaden, a district in Stockholm, Sweden. The 1,140 square foot (106 square meters) home has three bedrooms where the classical details of the past are carefully composed with beautiful elements from today. The apartment is comprised of an inviting hall with high ceilings, large living room with fireplace, dining room with a beautiful pair of doors, airy bedrooms in quiet courtyard, newly renovated kitchen with a delicious design and a preserved Virgin House. In addition, the apartment boasts two balconies, one to the east and one to the east. The beautiful living room features high ceilings and preserved details and a fireplace with massive grey-green marble. The spacious room is bright and airy; the natural light penetrates through the well preserved original windows with rustic deep window screens.

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