Spectacular Bridge House in wooded grasslands

The Bridge House has been designed by San Francisco-based architecture studio Stanley Saitowitz | Natoma Architects, situated in Marin, California. The site is fifteen acres of wooded grasslands with a ravine running through. The house bridges the ravine, spanning east to west. The house is a continuous twenty-two-foot wide two-story bar.

A stair leads up to the entry court. The living areas are the upper level and have continuous glass walls which look north to the hill. The bedrooms below have continuous glass walls, which look south to the theater in the landscape. From above and below two opposite experiences of the site are focused, one broad and expansive, the other defined and closed.

Along the upper bridge are two open courts, one for the entry, the other connecting the main house to the pool and guest house. A deck links these courts on the north, and connects to paths that lead into the landscape with walks up the hill. Walls and roof are clad in corten steel plate; viewed from above, the rusty bar bridges the golden grass slopes. The residence also features a spectacular blue pool that branches off the bar and projects up through the hillside.

Visit the website of Stanley Saitowitz | Natoma Architects here.

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