Gorgeous mountain cabin nestled in Methow Valley

The Foster Loop Residence is a two storey cabin located in Mazama, a small village nestled in the Methow Valley of the Methow River in the eastern part of Washington State. The 1,653 square foot cabin was completed in 2007 by Balance Associates Architects. The site was previously enjoyed for numerous years as a campground by the family.

According to the architects, “the design minimizes impact to the environment by raising the residence off the ground with small concrete piers. The entry to the house is a slightly elevated walk that leads to the entry and stair. This entry opens up to a 1 1/2 story living space and kitchen which are anchored by a centrally located fireplace and the stair.


This stair leads to the ‘tent like’ bedrooms with low walls on the second floor. Both ends of the residence have indoor/outdoor spaces. There is also a deck and elevated catwalk that runs between the trees, across a small valley, and empties onto a grassy clearing in the woods.”

Visit the website of Balance Associates Architects here.

Photos: Steve Keating Photography


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