Gorgeous residence at the foot of the Alps

The spectacular House Haller was designed by Haller Jürgen together with Peter Plattner, situated in Mellau, Austria. The vision for this custom built 1,883 square foot (175 square meters) home was to have panoramic views at the foot of the Alps with a lifestyle that demands variable solutions. The clients wished to have a home that combines both living and working under one roof.

According to the architects, “the entire design of this compact house conforms to the location and it was built into the slight decline. As the hill side of the house is embedded, the east facing cellar area could be naturally illuminated and used as an office, for example. This office has direct access, via covered outdoor steps between the main entrance and the carport. Due to its ideal positioning, the building profits from the optimal use of the mountain sunshine.

In spite of being highly original and very chunky, looking almost fortified, the building does not appear out-of-place in its surroundings. The nearby 150 year old, heritage-protected, typical Bregenzerwald farmhouse is reflected in the Haller house. Local tradition has been reinterpreted, focusing on aesthetic details without cutting back on functional aspects.” Via

Photos: Albrecht Schnabel

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1 year ago

Looks like something a museum designer would concoct, but I’m not sure it works for a residence.