Attic gets a bold and colorful facelift

A couple in the heart of Madrid, Spain wanted to create a home that catered to their intense social life with open spaces for entertaining. The 1,075 square foot (100 square meters) structure was re-designed by Bibit Interior Architectural Studio, who added a more playful distribution of the home. For starters, they suppressed most of the brick and organized a unique space consisting of the kitchen, living area and dining room. In this way, the bedroom, with integrated bathroom, laundry room and a second bathroom remained separate. The former terrace which was situated on a higher level was converted into a guest bedroom. Access between both levels was resolved with a sculptural staircase whose design is a main focal point and adds energy to the residence. The owner selected all the furnishings and decor themselves, opting for emblematic designer pieces as the main furnishings mixed with retro pieces which softens and adds warmth to every corner. Area rugs are used in the living and dining areas to define spaces. The simplest details were well executed, with unique finds purchased from unusual places and bold punches of color interlacing throughout. Via

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