The inspiring modern G House

Located in Valle Real, Zapopan, Mexico, and designed by Agraz Arquitectos, Casa G illustrates a creative approach to the art and craft of architecture. Its design departed from the unique coordinates created by the meeting between the terrain’s configuration and the paths the sun takes as it envelops in nourishing rays. The three-story beauty features a two-car underground garage, clean, simple lines on the outside, ample glazed surfaces and interior design detailing that have just enough wow-factor to mesmerize. There is a rugged wooden marble staircase offset by a pitch red wall. There are recessed light fixtures that spring like brooks from the walls and the floor. There is a small interior pool endlessly reflecting (and reflective of) an ample window which looks out into the yard. The resting area is upstairs: a master bedroom and two adjacent rooms for guests or family, with serene views of the garden. The main living spaces (kitchen, living room, dining room) maximize the presence of natural light with their south-eastern orientation. Most ingeniously, however, the slits in the hallway skylight allow the light to romp and play inside, achieving unusual, strikingly beautiful effects. What do you think of this incredible residence?

Visit the website of Agraz Arquitectos here.

Photos:  Courtesy of Agraz Arquitectos

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