Impressive country house in Morocco

Today we take you on a trip to Essaouira on the Moroccan coast, to this very unique two-storey country house that has been completely refurbished, aptly named “Sidi Kauki”. This spacious modern home is a traditional style ‘Dar’, nestled just steps from Sidi Kaouk’s long sandy beach. The home features traditional Moroccan furnishings and fabrics, concrete floors, high ceilings with exposed wooden beams, white washed walls and a sensational fireplace in the living room. The exterior facade is rather simple and compact in design clad with white stucco.

The house has a geometrical shape with clean lines and small windows. The surrounding landscape is impressive but mostly consists of stones, great and small, as far as the eye can see. There are no trees, grass, just a few scrubby bushes, lots of low stone walls demarcating plots of stone-flecked earth and a few tumbled-down stone dwellings and then there is this impressive house that was found from here. This home is available as a vacation rental and for photo shoots!

A recent update was brought to our attention that we thought was worth noting for those of you that are interested. This home was designed, with the help of an architect to draw up the plans, by Emma Wilson of Castles in the Sand. We think she is mega-talented, love the fireplace design in the living room! What do you think, what is your favorite design feature in this home?

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