Contemporary beach house in Australia

Beached House is a spectacular holiday home is Western Port Victoria, Australia by design firm BKK Architects. The home comprised of a sequence of unfolding spaces that deny, and then release views. The journey through the house is through a series of subtly shifting spaces that alter one’s orientation to climate and terrain.

The 3,757 square foot (349 square meters) residence has been carefully sited in response to prevailing conditions and site, there is a sense that the home has been washed ashore and then embedded into the terrain, anchored against the elements. The external spaces are located, nestled, between these elements and are orientated according to the shift in the wind and sun patterns throughout the day.

This home offers various readings and differing options for occupation to the owners. It is intended that living in the house will be an unfolding series of moments, linked closely to climate and site that will continually delight and surprise. Via

Visit the website of BKK Architects here.

Photos: Peter Bennetts Photographer

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