Rustic stone house in the Italian countryside

This “Countryside home in Salento” is a single family home located in the countryside of Morciano di Leuca, Italy and was created by bologna-based architect Luca Zanaroli. The dwelling’s rustic shell is formed from the abandoned remnants of two historic structures once used as a temporary shelter for local farmers. A covered veranda within the enclosed courtyard provides inhabitants with an open air shelter from the hot Mediterranean climate. Inside the building, minimalist furnishings draw attention to the restored barrel vaults and domes constructed with locally sourced stone dating from the late 1800s.

The interior’s spatial sequence is carved into the thick masonry walls while penetrations to the exterior for light and ventilation were incorporated as much as possible. A small circular skylight at the pinnacle of the domed dining room directs daylight onto the table below. Cement mortar mixed with lime plaster surfaces the walls, floors and ceilings of the internal volumes with patches of exposed stone providing continuity between the spaces while maintaining the presence of the past. Via

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