Inspiring transformation to modern rustic interiors

This beautiful home in Spain has undergone a transformation after the owner was inspired by home decor magazines. The homeowner discovered ideas and solutions they had seen in the magazine pages for selecting materials and finishes. A porch with a garden was added to enjoy all year round. The high ceiling height allowed for optimizing space; creating more of an airy feel and giving an air of loft to the house at the same time.

Among the successes throughout the home is the visual impact that has been achieved in the dining room and the bedroom, painted in white with the chromatic contrast on a wall. The merger between interior and exterior was also one of the objectives of the owner. This raised the porch as a zone of being, decorated in white, which could be used year-round through the installation of a mobile cover. In addition, the creation of three levels in the main bedroom takes advantage of the height of the roof and achieves a more intimate environment for the bed, in a loft; but it was also to create extra space for a large dressing room and a spacious bathroom.

The starting point of the decoration was the treatment given to the walls and ceiling. To avoid the original brick walls being too exposed, most was covered behind white walls, the choices of furniture and upholstery created an environment of warmth, texture and a mix of styles throughout. The brick that was still in view was connected with exposed beams, which gives a natural and rustic air to the home. Via

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12 years ago

thx for sharing, so beautiful.

12 years ago