A stunning rustic holiday home in Portugal

This holiday home in the countryside is filled with charm and simple expression which guided the reform of this house in Palmela, Portugal, very close to Lisbon. There, where holm oaks, cork oaks, broom, lavender, rockrose, sings an endless green symphony, we find this haven in which interior designer Monica Penaguião of Poeira Estudio-Tienda, combines the agricultural origins of construction with a very current project based on a new and sophisticated nature.

The house features whitewashed walls and a gabled roof, showing an exquisite simplicity in its praise for the calm life. The interior also has sought comfort in the spaces eliminating excessive compartmentalization to bind environments. This way, the white walls and wooden painted ceilings, enhances clarity and also exercises its unifying power, emphasized by the unique polished concrete flooring.

The choice of furniture and details flows throughout the home with ease, blending seamlessly with the environment. Capellini, Flos or Marcell Wanders are mixed with pieces of industrial, artisanal and eco procurement, as natural fiber carpets and chairs recycled by Piet Hein Eek – or tissues of ethnicity, which put the colorful note. Its result is a cosmopolitan, cultured and relaxed happy heterogeneous mixture.

Photos: Nuevo Estilo

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13 years ago

Nice beach look love the bare metal storage cabinets.