Dwelling on the rocky shores of Flathead Lake: Stone Creek Camp

Stone Creek Camp was designed by Andersson Wise Architects and is located on Flathead Lake in Big Fork , Montana. Designing this private compound retreat in northern Montana was an exercise in bringing sunlight into buildings and their surrounding spaces. The result is four buildings situated along a sloping hill that leads visitors to gradually discover the site, leading to a boat dock. From the gatehouses, a pebble and earth path leads down the hill to the Master House, the Main Lodge, and the Guesthouse. More than buildings, the structures in the Stone Creek Camp are modified porches, open to the warmth of the sun and views of Flathead Lake. With close consideration of terrain, the design displays masterful use of its site, allowing the outdoors and the indoors to flow together seamlessly.

When trees were cut, the wood was reused as a building material. For example, the master house includes stunning cordwood walls, evoking the giant firewood piles visible across the American West. From the architects: “The buildings contain warm, almost cave-like spaces as well as modified porches, which open to embrace the sunlight and views. They are designed to let people feel the natural environment. Inhabitants may chose to be inside or outside at the same time, light a fire and cover up with a bear skin. Every bedroom on the property provides the option of sleeping in a protected outdoor room, where one can feel the cold and hear the wind and the wildlife.


Photos: Art Gray



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