Historic 16th century restoration in Herefordshire

This beautiful home is located in Park Farm, Worcestershire is an Elizabethan style home that has been restored to last another 500 years of family life. You are looking at the delightful results of a restoration process that took place after carefully exploring the history of the building. The “new residence” is a mix of old elements (for example oak beams that are 1000 years old scrubbed with a coating of beeswax to bring out the color) with contemporary additions. The interior color palette has been left very simple and traditional, brushing buttermilk limewash paint on traditional lime-plastered walls.

Here is more information from the official page: “Furnishing is a mix of traditional and contemporary design; many of the pieces have been carefully sourced from individual makers and (I hope) will defy changing fashion. Lighting is simple halogen down-lighters with some notable exceptions, in particular the 1.5m contemporary wire chandelier in the kitchen. The result is a bright and streamlined house that adapts well to the requirements of a growing family. All joinery is in oak with solid floors and doors and ironmongery is hand-forged in the traditional way. We have departed from the norm in the use of curves in the kitchen and hall as well as the design and construction of the American Walnut staircase.”

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