Modern beach villa in Salt Rock

This sensational beach house has undergone a demolition and rebuild that has resulted in a blank box which combines outdoors with the indoor environment. The villa is located along the seaboard of northern KwaZulu-Natal, a province of South Africa, where the small coastal town of Salt Rock is located. The architect, Don Albert, created a tropical paradise for his clients, with a modern style that is bold and impressive in design, matching the nature and surrounding microclimate. Although the home is close to neighbors, the architect designed the home to extend dramatically on a slant to create privacy.

The home was originally a vacation retreat, but the owner’s wanted the home to adapt to their changing needs of their grown children, and wanting flexibility for entertaining and a space where they could retire in the coming years. The result was an elegant home that offers a modern interpretation of a Roman temple facade. The living room is the central space of the home, offering incredible views, the rest of the design spans around this. The transition to the outdoors from the living room is a grand staircase that leads down to the pool, appearing to float towards the water.

The pool was a key element to the architecture of the home. It was designed to be visible from the kitchen so the clients could have not only a great view, but also be able to watch their children at a safe distance. The climate is humid in the summer and windy six months out of the year, so the architecture was designed to protect against these elements. Balconies are sheltered with deep overhangs and a central atrium was created to protect the owner’s from strong winds. Via

Photos: Sean Anonymous

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