Loft space with incredible terrace in Milan

This sensational open loft space is located in Lambrate, a district of Milan, Italy. The loft is owned by Filippo Facci, a political television columnist for various newspapers and parliamentary reporter for the Mediaset networks. This contemporary home was designed as a work-live loft by architect Gianluigi Mutti. The loft is lively and dynamic to fit the owner’s personality. At 3,229 square feet (300 square meters) and over 807 square feet (70 square meters) of terrace space, the home is a reflection of the double soul of the client: a Baroque side, introverted and dark, almost old, where the space is filled and loaded with colorful objects and decoration; the other side, light and minimalistic, in which white lines and essentiality are the predominant features. To connect these two souls into a cohesive design is a large living area with a dining table, sofa, media area, desk and kitchen block.

The overall effect is clarity and brightness from the bank of windows along the terrace, pitched roof with skylights and white washed walls and long wooden floor boards painted with a vintage effect throughout. Minimalist designer furnishings decorate the home mixed with baroque pieces and purple rugs that break up the spaces.

A wall is decorated as a mosaic of culture with life and art, loaded with books and CDs, decorated in silver with a collection of frames (which is a pleasant obsession by the owner) and souvenir bottles of wine, beer and champagne, and flanked by dozens of model cars arranged on shelves above the kitchen block. The lobby is dominated by a custom-made drop chandelier which stands out as a unique decoration, in the frames of purple walls and white floors. Another unique piece entirely handmade is the wooden bathtub in the master bathroom.

Photos: Simone Romeo

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