Small cottage retreat on the Baltic Sea

This modestly scaled vacation retreat designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune is located in the Stockholm archipelago, for a young family. Only 8 meters uphill is a neighboring house, leading to the decision for a completely closed facade in that direction for privacy. However, all the other facades facing the waterline just 4 meters away are open and invite wonderful views across the Baltic Sea. The facade of the building is composed entirely of locally sourced spruce wood.

The 484 square foot (45 square meters) house follows the topography and folds slightly in plan where a little ravine runs perpendicular to the house. This fold made the hybrid roof possible. The living room/kitchen wing, which has the highest ceiling height, has a normal single-pitch roof whose peak is continued in plan over the longer bedroom wing. This helps to form a pitched roof with its peak running-somewhat unusually-diagonally across.

The yellow lamp is an Atelje Lyktan Bumling pendant, designed by Anders Pehrson in 1968.

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