Artist channels his dark side through art

Canadian-born artist Ben Tour channels a dark, often haunting sense of humanism in his work. His observations deftly inform his paintings, enabling him to capture the essence of a character, and then distort that view any way he desires. Frenetic lines, swaths of color, and intimate angles all convey a sense that Tour may not only be drawing inspiration from the lives of strangers he observes, but manifesting his own personal experiences as well. To see more of his unique art forms you can check him out right here.

Ink on paper 23×15. 2009. Also used in Playboy Magazine December 2009.

Untitled Personal piece. Mixed media on wood. 10×10 inches. 2010.

Portrait Of Mike. Ink on paper 2008. 10×15. Also used in context of a design presentation of the BMW AG Munich. Mai Communications 2010.

Portrait of Jade Buffalo. 2009 mixed-media on paper. 10×15.

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