Beautiful interior styling from Sweden

Lotta Agaton is an incredibly talented interior stylist based in Stockholm, Sweden. She creates beautiful and calming spaces and does not rely on color to carry out her vision; she often uses neutral tones for background with a single pop of color. Lotta has collaborated with the most interesting publications and clients in Europe, USA and South America. She started Residence Magazine about ten years ago and worked there for four years as drafting and interior design manager. Since, Lotta has been freelancing and working with many big advertising agencies and newspapers both in Sweden and internationally.

Lotta has a wonderful talent of styling different objects, making even the mundane look beautiful and interesting. She uses a combination of patterns, texture, shapes and sizes to create intriguing compositions. She makes every room look cozy, with a lot of character and elegance while still maintaining and informal feeling, the perfect combo for a home.

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