A Miner’s Refuge with extraordinary views

Intended as a weekend retreat, the Miner’s Refuge is located in the beautiful Mazama, Washington countryside. The structure was designed by Johnston Architects, carefully sited at the base of a hillside, tucked into a tree line to take advantage of and preserve the surrounding views. The outdoors is drawn in with extraordinary open views. The building massing is mindful and reminiscent of the history of mining in the valley. Its long linear circulation corridor leads from the entry along the entire length of the house giving access to the living and sleeping spaces.

Sustainability was a key issue in the design and began with building restraint. The owners of Miner’s Refuge came to the table with a smart and simple program that could satisfy their living needs in less than 1,900 square feet. The home, shared between two families, incorporates an open kitchen/living/dining area, two modest master suites and a small bunk room accommodating up to four guests. Renewable and environmentally responsible products were used where possible, the orientation and detailing of the building take solar gain into consideration and efficient mechanical systems combine to make Miner’s Refuge a project respectful of its environment. Via

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