Modern home gets a stunning renovation

The creative designers from Johnston Architects have made a variety of modern renovation updates to a 1936 building perched on the border of Washington between Ballard and Phinney Ridge, to suit the aspirations of artist Gary Faigin, his wife and their two children. The building was accompanied by a new three story, 1600 square feet addition. The lowest level is Gary’s studio, the middle level is the living/dining room and the top floor is a new master suite.

The original structure is connected to the addition by a glassy gasket. The original beveled siding slides from outside to inside marking the transition between old and new. The new portion is emphatically modern in its use of materials, structure and detail but the gable roof and areas of wood siding make it sympathetic to the character of the old house. The design concept allowed the use of simple forms, aluminum windows, vivid paint colors and sleek but modest finishes. The addition has enabled the family to work, entertain and live in one place.

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