Amazing sand castle in the desert

Set within a scenic oasis, at the foot of a dramatic rock-mountain, amidst the desert in Egypt, the Adrere Amellal has the feel of a place forgotten in time. The local Berbers here still live much like they have done for centuries, wearing their traditional clothing, speaking their native Siwi and harvesting the bountiful dates and olives by hand.

What is most amazing is that the entire hotel was built exclusively with materials available within 20 miles of this desolate location. There is not a single metal nail or imported anything in the entire construction. The pool is fed by an ancient Roman spring. The furniture is carved from local trees. There is no electricity, but one would hardly notice since the rooms are well lit with oil lamps and the whole hotel is kept cool as a result of the ancient construction techniques used. The night time is very romantic with hundreds of candles against a backdrop of the incredible desert sky. In the winter coal braziers supply the heat as the nighttime’s can be very cold in the desert.

Constructed as part of a local sustainable-development plan, this magnificent eco-resort consists of a series of traditional houses that have been restored into 10 suites and 27 Casbah style rooms, all offering genuine comfort, and they are all built using local traditional methods. Every single room has a view of Siwa Lake and the Great Sand Sea. The walls are made of sun dried salt rock mixed with straw, and palm is used for the stylish roof. The furniture and fittings are mostly made of palm trunks, and the region’s handicraft, which is both colorful and very comfortable.

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