A look inside an age-old barn transformed

A restored barn in Belgium has been given new life by renovating it into a habitable open floor plan home. The center core houses the living room, kitchen and family dining area. With a large fireplace as the main focal point of the room, the home is a mix of new modern furniture and refurbished antiquities. The original brick has been preserved as the main structure of the building, with a glass wall built on one side of the house to close off the structure, but still bring in plenty of daylight. The light over the dining table and the deer head mounted on the wall gives a hunting cabin ambiance to the space. There are bare hardwood floors throughout, with area rugs strewn out to separate the different living spaces in the home. The open kitchen has been designed with all the modern day equipment, but with a very sterile feeling with its stainless steel countertops and white glossy cabinetry. The wood from the dining table and chairs helps to break up that sterile feeling and bring warmth back into the home.

Photos: Tim Van de Velde

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