Modern box in the rolling prairies of Montana

This incredible modern house is entitled 28 Black Hawk. The structure was designed by Seattle-based architecture firm Spore Architecture in Livingston, Montana to take advantage of the 360 degree views. The acreage of rolling prairie is surrounded on all sides by breathtaking mountains, including the Absaroka, and Beartooth ranges. The house is divided into two halves, one being the anchored ‘tower’ element, housing the bedrooms and private spaces, while the cantilevered glass box, containing the kitchen and great room, appears to hover over the landscape.

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Dave N
3 years ago

You gotta be kidding me! A fire house? A school? A lab still dying alien life?

What a breath taking view! As you mentioned there is 360 degree of utmost serenity and beauty. The house itself is quite large. I am not sure how practical it is to live out in such a remote place with no access to shopping or transit. However, I would love to just spend a week relaxing at the location.

13 years ago

Great 360 view living room. Like how the space floats over the prairie. Thanks for the post.