Fantastic bright and airy loft apartment in Sweden

Stockholm Apartment-01-1 Kindesign

This fantastic bright and airy loft apartment is situated in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden. The building was constructed in 1891 and has since been restored to optimum condition. The 753 square foot (70 square meters) home features beautiful details, with a spacious living room with large windows allows plenty of natural light. The space features fine details with deep niches, door lintels, wall panels, oak flooring and whitewashed walls. The living room and kitchen are elegantly shared with a classic pair of doors. The tastefully designed kitchen has a restaurant feel, with a kitchen island, lots of work spaces and a dining area.  The space offers white high gloss cabinet doors, worktops and white tiled walls. Classic black and white tiled floors match perfectly in the space. Above the living room is an open loft space with sisal carpet, white walls, hidden storage and built-in bookcase. There is also a generous sized bathroom with luxurious details with a feeling of coherent sober style.

Stockholm Apartment-02-1 Kindesign

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