Tudor home with a modern twist on Lake Washington

Book House-01-1 Kindesign

This whole-house remodel gives us a venerable brick Tudor home a modern twist in Seattle, Washington. The home was designed by Deforest Architects for two book (and dog!) lovers, who had been walking their dogs past a modest Tudor for many years before they purchased it. They asked the architects to give the house a new life built around their love of books, dogs, and simple modern spaces filled with natural light. The residence incorporates bookshelves and cozy seating area throughout the house. Modern details complement traditional elements while steel windows, doors and exposed structure open the interior to light and views. The exterior features a ‘secret garden’, sunroom and terrace that overlook Lake Washington.

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Photos: © Benjamin Benschneider


  • Name Withheld

    “Tudor home with modern twist” should be called “not-very-Tudor modern home”. This house has minimal Tudor trappings – a few smatterings of faux timber beams above the exterior brick cladding, a few gables, some nine-paned windows, and a decent fireplace. But the Tudor-ness is downplayed, sterilized, and incomplete. It’s many of the things that suggest a Tudor home…without any of the fun of a Tudor home. Tudor and Modern are like oil and water to begin with. But if these architects hoped to reinvent the Tudor home, they ended up unintentionally mocking it.

    And to top it off, the fake wood floors are in the ugliest shade of dreary, pale, olive-vomit that we could imagine. It’s almost what they used to call taupe – another abysmal shade meant not to offend anyone, but ended up offending everyone. It doesn’t even look like wood; it looks like vinyl. The delightful spirit of a traditional home is in old-fashioned materials and craftsmanship. When the entire house looks like it was fabricated in China, it kind of defeats whatever purpose it had for trying to look traditional. I hope the owners enjoy looking at those books. I wouldn’t enjoy looking around that house much.

  • Kat

    Wondering about the colours of the exterior stucco and trim please??