Absolutely breathtaking Cat Mountain Residence

Cat Mountain Residence was designed by Cornerstone Architects in Austin, Texas. Conceived as a remodel and addition, the final design iteration for this home is uniquely multifaceted. Structural considerations required a more extensive tear down, however the clients wanted the entire remodel design kept intact, essentially recreating much of the existing home. The overall floor plan design centers on maximizing the views, while extensive glazing is carefully placed to frame and enhance them. The residence opens up to the outdoor living and views from multiple spaces and visually connects interior spaces in the inner court.

The client, who also specializes in residential interiors, had a vision of ‘transitional’ style for the home, marrying clean and contemporary elements with touches of antique charm. Energy efficient materials along with reclaimed architectural wood details were seamlessly integrated, adding sustainable design elements to this transitional design. The architect and client collaboration strived to achieve modern, clean spaces playfully interjecting rustic elements throughout the home.

Visit the website of Cornerstone Architects here.


Photos: Bryant Hill


  • thanks for posting my home on your website :). im an interior consultant in austin. fun to see it online !

    • 1 Kindesign

      Hi Glynis, this is your personal home? It is one of my most favorites that have been posted on 1 Kindesign! There is not one space in this home that is not absolutely fabulous. Would you like us to post your information with this project? If so, please let us know, our contact email is onekindesign@gmail.com