Modern beach house on the Brazilian coast

Two boxes of reinforced concrete, rest fixed connected on the mountainside of the Brazilian coast. The Paraty House is located between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, on one of the islands near Paraty City, where the residence cantilevers 8-meters outward from the mountainside. The 9,041 square foot (840 square meters) house finds balance in the topography of the land where the living space is open to the untouched nature. Designed by architect Marcio Kogan, the residence rests in seclusion where the inhabitants have to arrive by boat. After stepping on the sand the residents make their way inside via a metallic bridge positioned over a crystal-lined reflecting pool. The bridge leads to stairs connecting to the lower volume. This level features huge glass windows that allow for views of the sea, hosting the living room, kitchen and service area, the upper level lodges the bedrooms. In the front part of the house, retractile panels of eucalyptus sticks protect the bedrooms from the sun. The spaces that face the mountain have small internal patios with zenital lighting and the use of exposed reinforced concrete grants a striking texture to the walls. The entire top of the house is covered with terraces, observatories for the inhabitants and gardens for sculptures, medicinal plants and edible herbs.

Visit the website of architect Marcio Kogan here.

Photos: Nelson Kon


  • Gloria Larravide

    The sink in the kitchen is not facing the sliding doors/ window, but instead the cabinets and oven. I realize that people in South America, including Brazil, of this class are not doing their own dishes but for who ever is, I think the view is nicer looking out the window rather than staring at a cabinet. Also, the second floor: the common area with grass? I find this a huge maintenance and for me anyway, it would have been nicer to have a large concave dome so that that half of the first floor would have a bit of light via the obvious skylight, but also it could act as a sort of adult playground? One of the best hostels I have ever been to had a three tier tree house to climb into, a fire pit, an outdoor shower, a gazebo where one can be inside, sort of Yurt with windows all around but dark and cool inside and one could climb up to its rooftop to sun via a ladder, a yoga room, another airy open walled room with cloth walls. Any or all of these could have been designed into this clean design, keeping it clean, esp. in this lovely sanctuary. The look is very nice but it also needs to harbor some places of exploration especially given the scenery. I don’t even see a hammock. : Clean is nice but it can become boring- fun is never boring. Btw, the concaved skylight could also become a nice clean place to view the stars and sky at night. (no need for chairs, as it is already a dome, and a large enough dome could allow you to recline in it with a lot of others to view the sky. Just saying modern design allows us to enjoy its shapes physically, not just visually.

  • Gloria Larravide

    on the plus side, one of my favorite spaces in the house is the bedroom behind the rattan over the windows. This creates a very interesting and ‘fun’ place to hide inside of while still being able to see outside, receive light from outside. This space creates a sedate mood, it is like an installation. I love it. The clean patio to pool to beach is also breathtaking. There are so many in between spaces to enjoy between total shade and total sun: like the bedrooms. I also love the entrance of light on the kitchen and other rooms on that side of the house. I would have enjoyed seeing pictures of those as well as the ground floor.