Gorgeous seaside home in Montauk

A fabulous seaside home, Genius Loci Residence has been designed by Bates Masi Architects in Montauk, New York. Formerly a horse ranch, the home was built for the client’s request to catch the ‘Spirit of Montauk’ and all that it embodies. With rolling green pastures, the home is terraced and embedded into the steep slope of the hill. From the exterior of the 7,000 square foot residence, the home appears to be two modest and separate one-story ranches.

From the architects: “Architectural details throughout the house occur at unexpected moments. A wood screen covered bridge unifies the two shingle clad volumes, allowing light into the grass paver courtyard below. The cedar screen of the bridge reads differently from day to night. It appears flat during the day, but, as darkness falls, light seeps out in an undulating pattern showing the wedge shape cut in the back of the boards. In front of clerestory windows, a milled bluestone screen is similarly detailed. The stone appears weightless as alternating stones are removed from the pattern to let light into the guest area. These unexpected details reinforce the larger idea of capturing the unexpected.

There is no prescribed path of circulation, encouraging different encounters much like the social experiences of Montauk. One can enter beneath the bridge and up terraced planter steps revealing the rolling hills and ocean in the distance. One can also climb the exterior entry stair that mirrors the interior stair, separated by a wall of glass. One can choose to enter into the house or continue to the outdoor fireplace, dining area, and out to the pool. The exploration resulting from unique circulation yields a different memorable experience for everyone.”

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Photos: Michael Moran


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