Cave house with captivating Mediterranean views

This spectacular home composed of indigenous materials by local artisans is owned by renowned events producer, art director and designer Alexandre de Betak. “For 10 years I was dreaming about it, for five years I was looking for a spot for it, for two years working on it, for another two years building it, and finally here it is,” said Betak in an interview with T Magazine about his new ‘Cave House’ located in a small coastal village in the Tramuntana region of Majorca, Spain’s largest Balearic Island in the Mediterranean Sea. His home has very much been inspired by 70’s organic architecture, since he grew up in that era.

The stone facade serves as an apt introduction to this lasting material, which makes many unexpected appearances at every turn inside as well. In the living room, the small-scale pebble-inlaid floor makes a subtle yet striking focal point. The natural step-stone paving the way into the bedroom is so striking and memorable. The home’s character comes through also in the natural exposed wood beams across the ceilings, irregular edges and the rough look of plaster walls, and features like alcoves and niches that look like they were shipped away right into the ‘cave’. The kid’s beds are located in a structure all its own, each a separate mini-cave in the main enclosure. Via



Photos: Jason Schmidt



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Catherine Broughton

Is this house in France ? Looks like the south of France. I live near La Rochelle.
CAtherine Broughton, author.